Your Soul's Purpose Blueprint

A practical roadmap to find your soul's purpose at work.


Your Soul's Purpose Blueprint can help you...

Discover what type of work can light you up.

Your soul has a nature. There's a certain way it likes to move, act and interact with others. When you know what type of jobs or professions match your soul's nature, you're guaranteed to feel more fulfilled at work. 

Identify your hidden talents.

You were designed by a higher power to contribute to society in a way that honors your soul's nature. There are hidden talents in you (which you've inherited & developed in past lives) that are waiting to be discovered. When you know what these are, its easier to find tools to activate your inner potential!

Filter ideas to pursue in business.

The business ideas that will keep us fulfilled, impacting others and in financial sustainability are the ones that are most aligned with our soul's nature. When you know your purpose, it's easier to filter ideas & stay 'on your lane' in business. 

Discover what BIG ideas are meant to be born through you. 

Our greater purpose as humans is to be idea alchemizers. We're ultimately here to bring down BIG ideas into Earth that can massively impact people. When you know what big ideas are meant to be born through you - because they perfectly match your soul's purpose - it's easier to trust your brightest (and wackiest) hunches & pursue the one's that seem impossible... but aren't. At least, not for you. 


I like to describe myself as a 'shamanic business coach'. Highly mystical, very entrepreneurial & always looking for the magic within us & around us. 

As a shamanic healer, I use my clairvoyant abilities to see who you really are as a spiritual being & help you identify your soul's purpose and it's plan for this incarnation.

As a business coach, I use my background in e-commerce consulting to help you apply this information to a real world business context. 

Client Testimonials

My clients are just like you: spiritual seekers who want their soul's purpose to be the 'north star' in their work life. 



Soul Purpose Blueprint



 This offer includes:

  • A 40 page PDF. This is a¬† description - which I channel from your¬†spirit guides¬†- of¬†your soul's¬†nature, hidden talents, challenges¬†to overcome &¬†the type of BIG ideas that are meant to be born through you.¬†
  • A 1h online session.¬†Over a zoom meeting,¬†we'll talk about how to apply these insights in your career or business.¬†

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