Our curiosity is designed to show us who we really are. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to follow it. 


Growing a business is the ultimate way to live your soul's purpose. But only if you get to express your full, unhingered self in it.


There's a divine creator force that wants us to live in our purpose. We just have to learn how to listen to it.  




I like to describe myself as a 'shamanic business coach'. Highly mystical, very entrepreneurial & always looking for the magic within us & around us. 

I'm also just a soul who, like you, is trying to discover who she is by following her curiosity & creating things she's genuinely excited about. All of this while trying to positively impact others & make a sustainable living for herself.

I've realized - through A LOT of trail & error - that you can't do the latter without the former. Ultimately, how we most impact others is by sharing the truth we discovered within ourselves. 



I definitely didn't grow up as a mystic. More like a kid with a big imagination & a bleeding heart in a traditional colombian family.

For most of my 20's, I was a 'good student'. I went to business school & got a BFA in communication design. I worked in marketing at a couple of NYC fashion start-ups before becoming an e-commerce consultant for big companies like Sodexo.

I loved the business world. Specifically, I loved product innovation: I found it fascinating to analyze people's needs to create new products from scratch. I also knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur someday; the freedom of choosing your own path sounded awesome! Plus, wasn't everyone raving about 'being your own boss' as the ultimate path to fulfillment?

After 5 years of working as an employee, I launched my first business: a digital marketing agency for hotels. I was lucky enough to land my first big retainer client within the first 3 months. It was, on paper, a 'dream situation': I was cash-positive, self sustaining, good at what I did, & others were willing to pay me fairly for my services...

However, six months later I wanted to burn the whole business down. 



Simple truth: I wasn't enjoying being the owner of a marketing agency. Even though I was good at it - & it made 'business sense' - I didn't like the work in itself. I wasn't enjoying myself; I felt burdened by it more than freed by it. That's NOT what I became an entrepreneur for!

I knew something was seriously wrong when I was about to sign a big new deal with a client &... the thought of going through with it made me want to puke. I ended up backing out, putting my plans on pause while I sat down & reflected on why had I created a business that didn't take me in account. Why did I leave myself out of this SUCH important equation? What is it that I really want to do?

Soon enough, I realized I was repeating that same mistake in every single area of my life: with my partner (at the time). With my friends (at the time). I was working hard - pushing, really - to create a life that ticked all the appropriate checkmarks... but that I didn't want to live in. 

It was time for a change... 



A year into my marketing agency - and after a LOT of reflecting on business models where I could use my skills, yes... BUT where I could see myself being happy - I decided to pivot into business coaching for creative female entrepreneurs. It was the first time I felt in touch with my soul's purpose: it felt exciting & fulfilling to help people who were pouring their hearts into their work! 

However, I started seeing holes in my approach as a coach. My business tools weren't enough to help entrepreneurs grow: just like me, most people struggling with their business where in fact struggling to figure out who they were. It was a soul thing, not just a business thing.  Building marketing funnels helped, but fear (of getting mocked, of being disappointed, of being rejected, etc) was keeping people stuck. I didn't have a way to work around that.

Except, I did... I just had to be brave enough to use it. 




When I began to question why I had created a life I didn't want to live in, I looked for professional help. I began with traditional therapy... but I found alternative healing methods to be way more transformative. I went from acupuncture, to crystal therapy, to angel healing, to family constellations, to past live regressions, to akashic records healing. I loved the woo-woo stuff and was I BIG client!

There was one particular mystical therapy that I fell in love with. It was weird & very out there: it cleared trauma stored in the akashic records. But it's healing effects were so powerful that I decided to get certified so I could do it on myself. It became my spiritual practice & I was gripping on to it hard to keep myself sane when I started tearing my life apart - boyfriend, friends & business included. This therapy had transformed my life. But I wasn't ready to show this part of me in public.

That is, until I hit a roadblock with a client. There was nothing else we could do business-wise: she had a high quality product, perfect marketing funnels & was reaching out to the right clients. She just didn't quite believe results were possible for her. The business block was energetic. I knew this therapy could help release it (because it had helped me unblock something similar). So I got over own fear & offered her a free session... and it worked!

This was a month before COVID hit. As lockdown began, I heard my spirit guides - who I had learned to connect with - encouraging me to offer healing sessions to people instead. So I followed through... and 2 weeks later, a very powerful clairvoyance popped open in me. 




This new-found clairvoyance was wild.

I got access to my client's past live memories & was shown the karma that was still affecting them today from that experience. I could see people's ancestral trauma &  how those blocks were being played out in their relationships. I was shown how to heal all types of ailments, from physical stuff like food intolerances & dyslexia to business blocks.

My clients were seeing results, in some cases, within a couple of sessions (see Vishen's Lakhiani's testimonial below).

I also started accessing my client's higher selves. They would tell me insights about my client's life plan and soul purpose, & how to help them put it into practice in their business. 

I learned that business creation is actually a way to soul search. That we need to figure out who we are in order to grow a fulfilling business. That we've all got spiritual gifts that we're meant to put into practice to create a better world. And that my purpose here is to help you to get closer to your soul so you can grow your business from a higher source of magic. 



I want to help you find your 'zone of genius' & make that your business. 


My clarivoyance popping open during lockdown - and using it to help others - was my first taste of working fully in my 'zone of genius'. I know how it feels to be ECSTATIC about the work you do & the impact you can have on others.

I also believe I'm NOT the only one who can do this: you also have a 'zone' where your physical world meets you spiritual one. your meant to create that bridge so you can REALLY serve other people, with the full force of your spiritual power.

My purpose is to help you figure out what your unique set of gifts are. And then, how to incorporate that self-knowledge into your business in a very practical way. 


Client Testimonials

Your high self knows your truth & the why behind all your problems. There's nothing more empowering than connecting to your essence every morning.