Clear Therapy Training


A spiritual technique to connect with your higher self

& release subconscious fears.



Your essence is your super power.

You know the secret to success, joy, purpose & alignment with the universe lies in living your truth & imprinting our soul in your work. Honoring your essence & expressing yourself authentically is what leads you to feel alive (& thrive professionally).

Fear & anxiety 

muffles your essence.


One of the most challenging aspects of creating an authentic life is how easily your mind gets thrown off track by real-world stressors. 

Your true essence is you at our most powerful, but also at your most vulnerable. It can get easily muffled by anxiety & fear when there's ticking deadlines, financial expectations, comparisons, conflicts, & criticism. 

Additionally, money is a particularly sensitive subject to the mind. Noticed how most business demands come at you from a place of fear ("you have to do X, or else no one will ever hire you again")? Having an influx of fearful opinions around money when you're trying to express yourself authentically makes it even harder to stay in alignment.

In my opinion, subconscious patterns (which create fear & anxiety) are the source to basically all of our problems, both professional & personal. But there are 8 common issues, caused by subconscious patterns, that happen quite often to conscious creators:

Clear Therapy releases subconscious fears effectively.


Clear Therapy is a technique designed to immediately clear subconscious fears, so you can live more authentically in all aspects of your life.

It's a step-by-step, DIY approach for creators (entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, etc) who want tools to heal the 8 issues mentioned above on the spot & on their own, while developing a relationship with their higher self.

Clear therapy is also designed to clear the root cause (which is always spiritual in nature) of any problem that arises in your personal life & any resistance to co-create your soul's desires. 

What are the benefits of getting trained in this spiritual technique?


There are 4 reason why Clear Therapy might be the right tool for you as conscious creator. 

Immediate Effects.

Clear therapy works quickly: you feel noticeable differences in your mental energy from the first session forward. It can cut through a negative thought or a creative block within a couple of sessions; you don't need 6 months of intensive therapy to overcome only a single issue.

It's practical & DIY

Working with a therapist or a healer is awesome... but it can feel disempowering to solely depend on a 3rd party to heal issues that are a natural part of your daily grind. Clear Therapy empowers you to release subconscious fears on your own, whenever you need to address them. Plus, it's travel size, so you can take it with you wherever you need to.

Connect with your higher self on command.

Your higher self is your best guide in life. It's a part of you, operating on a higher dimension, that knows your essence & can see how to clear the fear that's affecting you. Clear Therapy teaches you to develop a relationship with your higher self & connect with it on command. 

Only takes 1 workshop to master.

You don't need a 200h teacher training to learn to use this technology. Clear Therapy only requires 5 hours of video learning & 1 online workshop for you to be able to do your first session on yourself.

Client Testimonials


Your higher self knows your truth & the why behind all your problems. There's nothing more empowering than channeling it & asking for a clearing every morning. 


Training Outline

A walk-through of what you will be learning during the Clear Therapy training.


Clear Therapy is an on-going online training; you can start whenever you want, no matter where you are in the world. If you're feeling a "full-body yes" to this, you're just a step away from accessing the magic within you. 

Complete Training


For entrepreneurs, artists & content creators

  • Clear Therapy Charts
  • Clear Therapy Workbook
  • 5h of video lessons 
  • Live (online) workshop to learn to channel your high self
  • Supervised 1st Clear Therapy session on yourself
  • Access to the CT community & on-going support.

Need to chat

before enrolling?

If you're interested in the Clear Therapy Training but need to ask additional questions before investing, book a discovery call with me to get them answered.